Reasons to Save Laureola Park

  1. Laureola Park is a community park designed for small children.  On any given day there are mothers with babies sitting in the park, kids playing on the jungle gyms and residents jogging.  In the evenings little league baseball games take place and the community comes out  for BBQs and birthday parties.  On the weekends there are kids soccer games, children jumping in the splash pad and familes out walking their dogs.
  2. There is a preschool and community center directly adjacent to the proposed high-school that will undoubtedly need to be "relocated".
  3. There is terrible traffic and parking at this location.  Traffic at the intersection of Holly and Old County is some of the worst in the Peninsula.  Add 400+ cars to the mix and this location is a disaster waiting to happen.  There isn't enough parking for the residents as it sis and this lot is not large enough to accommodate both a school and even a fraction of these additional cars.
  4. East San Carlos is under attack from developers.  There are numerous large scale projects taking place within a 1 mile radius from this proposed location that will drastically impact the community.  The Palo Alto Medical Foundation just built a new hospital, A 200 room hotel is being built on Industrial, Holly Street residents have had their parking stripped from them and the street re-purposed to accommodate increased traffic and a huge "transit village" is being built directly across from this proposed school.   Residents were initially drawn to the area because it was a peaceful neighborhood.  It is becoming clear that the city government doesn't care about the residents of East San Carlos.


Specifics for the proposed development can be found at the SUHSD page here.