This is what the community is saying:

"The School board in the past closed down Laureola grade school and San Carlos High School. We beg then to keep them open but they wouldn't listen. Art Faro was one of them. Now we are stuck with too many kids and crowding in our schools. I moved from Cherry St. to Montgomery to have my kid walk to the Laureola school. Then they closed it. The kids that lived on the West side of the railroad tracks were bused over to attend this school. When we had to send our kids to Brittan Acres we had to take them there ourselves. When lenkirk(spelling?) was closed the city should have bought the land and put in a swimming pool, baseball, and soccer fields. But money talks and now it is Lucky's and Home Depot. Laureola Park is not big enough as it is for our area as it is and not be shared with a high school."  -  Richard

"This park is part of the central nervous system of our community! It is a place where our children play and people and families gather and share. It is a major building block in the structure of East San Carlos; you can't take it away without collapsing our whole community. No one should have the right to do that.  As the one and only park in East San Carlos, its preservation is crucial for EVERYONE who lives here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for leading this vital cause.
With much gratitude and support." -Rita

"My kids and grand kids spent many hours in "our" park. How can the city even consider taking our only park, or even sharing it with a school? Why do the East Side San Carlos residents always have to sacrifice our way of life?" -Carole

"Hopefully when election time comes around we can continue this teamwork and change the line up of people passing the hotels, transit villages, schools and hospitals. Let's put a McDonald's at Brittan and Cedar and see how they like it :)" - Cody

"Well...we need a San Carlos High School. Both Sequoia and Carlmont are near or at capacity. The District made a catastrophic decision years ago when they could have kept the facility and rented it out. We are all now paying for this terrible decision. Laureola is not a large enough space. We are skirting the issue by proposing a not even half way measure.  As a community, we need to do this right! Who profited from that sale in addition to the District?" - Julia

"I live on Bayport Court and will be greatly impacted by a magnet high school at 535 Old County Road.  Since I learned about the proposed site, I have talked to many people from all over San Carlos.  Not one person with whom I spoke thinks 535 Old County Road is appropriate.  Either face public condemnation, or focus attention on a sensible site and enjoy the full support of the community.
With 265 million dollars, I know the Board can purchase a site that is clean and in a desirable location.  The Board just needs to make a buyer the right offer.  I agree San Carlos needs a high school. We can work together to make it happen." -Scott

"I drive my mother (a San Carlos resident) to various appointments throughout the week and the area around Holly and industrial is already a problem. I can't see adding a high school as making it any better." - Patricia

"Children need a safe accessible space to play close to home! We all had them growing up, why on earth would anyone think its ok to take them away now?" -Lynn

"I have been a resident on the Eastside san Carlos for over 10 years and my kids enjoy that park every day I do not want anything to happen to our park." -Dan

"This is a neighborhood where there are lots of small children that will become endangered by all the traffic." - Ronald

"Our community can't afford to lose more park space, especially field space." - Marten

"Born in, and grew up in San Carlos, I can't tell you how many days I spent with family and friends at the various parks in town. If the City really wishes to remain "The City of Good Living", please consider keeping this park open for families to use!" - David

"This town has needed a high school for years, but this is not the right location at all!!!" - Cathrine

"Put yourselves in the shoes of our neighbors. It'd be like putting a high school in Burton Park" - Steve

"This is area is extremely congested and not a suited location for a high school. Not to mention too close to the train station where it can pose safety concerns. There are several other vacant locations within San Carlos that would be a better place." - April

"My grandchildren live on Holly St. leave their PARK alone." - Leona

"I grew up in San Carlos. Went to Laureola School and spent hundreds of hours at the park. Save it!" - Steve

"I live on McCue. It's a lovely block and neighborhood. I can't understand that anyone who actually drove down Old County and Holly would think this is a good idea. Traffic is routinely backed up on Old County, especially between 4-6pm, which is a prime time for school letting out or events. And, has been made worse when the extra lane on Old County going north at the light was taken away - now it backs up even more than before. There use to be a left turn, right turn and straight lane at the intersection. Now, there are two lanes and the traffic backs up. Putting a high school, where not only teachers, but also students drive, in this area where traffic is already a mess is a BAD idea. Parking on the streets is already tight when there are baseball games and events at the gyms on the other side of Industrial. And, it's hard to get in and out of our streets. Someone with some guts on the San Carlos council needs to step forward for the residents and say that on a street where the residents who live in houses, in which they invested $1M+ want to stay in those houses and enjoy their neighborhood and not let it become even more congested." - Mary

"Always loved having the park down the street growing up. Not to mention how bad the traffic on Old County and Holly already is!" - Jillian

"As a longtime resident of San Carlos, this is a very short sighted move and completely disregards all citizens of San Carlos. In addition to the planned Transit Village, the traffic and access will be insane. Look at downtown on any day of the week.....already insufficient parking. Progress is necessary BUT it has to make sense." - Marylin

"I've grown up with this park right around the corner from my house. I've already seen the play structure get remodeled, and I didn't exactly like what they did with it. But now a high school?! That would be way too loud, and would destroy the beautiful, peaceful neighborhood near my house." -Sean

"PLEASE stop trying to take away what little we have of parks here in San Carlos!!!!" - Colleen

"Enough somewhere on the west our park/neighborhood" -Terry

"I remember visiting my cousins and going to this park. Please let my kids have the same memories!" - Pamela

"Save this park I lived down the street from it I always had a great time playing there!" - Rebecca

"I grew up going to this park. What are they thinking? There is no where else for kids in that area to play. I don't see how a school would fit there anyway!" -Jennie

"This is not a good idea. Laureola is a staple in the community. I work for the San Carlos Parks and Recreation and have spent time over the past 5 years substituting Smart Tots. Although the program is failing I think that the building and park should be reserved for community programs. Letting our parks turn into schools because of new money is gentrification, and is not okay." - Dylan

"Laureola is the  wrong place to put a high school campus! I suggest you look into other locations, especially in the Redwood Shores area, that can take the traffic better." - Elizabeth

"Infrastructure for the increasing populous in inadequate already, and further increasing the congestion of the region will only cause hardship for those who are already paying a premium price to live in the area. Plan 1st, and build 2nd. Do not construct this plan before increasing the surrounding infrastructure to allow for the added volume of people. Think of the needs of the many before the good of the few." - Jason

"I didn't vote for a HIGH school to be built on the PARK I grew up next to. I didn't vote for the CONSTRUCTION on the Train station to be done. And I CERTAINLY didn't vote for the hotel construction spoken about on this petition. This is disgusting. Democracy? What's that?" - Ryan

"It is clear that the city and county have declared war against our neighborhood and it is time we organize effectively to reduce the onslaught." -Dimitri

"We love this park! The traffic it would create to build a school at this site would be horrendous." -Megan

"Building a hotel and a small high school in this area is not only dangerous but highly irresponsible, laureola park is beautiful and accommodating for the residents in that area of San Carlos, do not build there, and increase the already heavy traffic in and around holly street near the freeway on ramps." - Ranveer

"Protect the small voices in San Carlos." - Nancy

"Did the School Board make every effort to inform the people in the community being affected? If not, I would email every School Board and Cabinet member and ask them to reconsider until they've heard from the community they serve!!" -Patricia

"I take my dog to that park all the time. Very relaxing and it is the only park East San Carlos has." -Alex

"Way to congested for a high school. And it will ruin out park!" -Cody