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Laureola Park is being redeveloped without consulting the residents.  Do something about it before it is too late!

What happening to Laurelola Park?

The school board would like to build a high school in the area and has purchased a location directly next to Laureloa park.  They intend to turn this park into an extension of the high school, despite the fact that this is a community park designed for small children.

 Will I still be able to take my kids to the park?

It is unclear whether the park will be completely taken over by this new school or not.  It is clear that there will be 400 or more high-school students utilizing the park on a daily basis.  It will no longer be a peaceful community place to take your children.

I'm a local resident.  Why wasn't I consulted?

This is a great question.  Ask your local government officials.

This is absolutely unfair to our community.  What can I do about it?

This website is intended to be a resource for the community so that we can find a way to save our park.  Here is what you can do.